Our Methods

At PARC, we are experienced in DevOps, Agile, and waterfall approaches. We also often combine the different development methodologies to tailor our work to meet our clients' needs.

  • Agile
  • Waterfall
  • DevOps

Development Specialties

DevOps is an Agile approach to development and IT operations, with the focus being on collaboration and communication between the two business units. PARC has found that the shorter development cycles and increased deployment frequency has resulted in more dependable releases that align with the business deliverables.

  • Web Development
  • Database Development
  • C#
  • Java
  • C++

Software Design

PARC specializes in end-to-end software services. For each customized project, we partner with our clients through the following crucial phases of development and delivery:

  • Business Analysis & Design
  • Solid business analysis and design are essential in the preliminary stages of any software development project.At the beginning of a project, PARC creates a detailed and concise overview of the entire system that identifies the size, scope, related workflows

    Our team will engage all stakeholders to document:

    • The current state and necessary changes required for all products, services, systems, and platforms
    • Architecture diagrams or related components and networks
    • Data workflows of component systems

    And we work to guarantee that the technical and user requirements align with the overall project goals and objectives.
  • Technical Design
  • PARC develops a technical design that will assess hardware and software requirements for the execution of the business design. The initial technical design will help to estimate the cost of the project. And subsequent technical designs will be done to address more detailed issues as they arise throughout the project.
  • Development
    • Utilizing codebase technologies such as Ajax, ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, Java and JavaScript, PHP, Ruby and RoR, Python, HTML5
    • Embracing Agile lifecycle and development processes, Scrum, Velocity Tracking, and Feature-Driven-Deployment
    • Using either dedicated environments within our datacenter for offside development and testing, or following in-place development guidelines within the client operations
  • Testing
  • PARC’s testing team works closely alongside our skillful Business Analysts to develop efficient testing strategies that adhere to every requirement. We minimize risk and defects while ensuring a polished and unique final solution.

    Utilizing Atlassian JIRA and Zephyr, PARC has documented procedures in place to ensure that each step of testing is thoroughly completed, including bug reporting and accountability. Not only is internal testing part of the process, but PARC can also assist with end user testing, as required.
  • Deployment Planning
  • Implementation Planning is crucial to the success of any solution delivery project. PARC works with our clients to conduct a full assessment of organizational readiness. PARC work with our clients to partition the project into phased releases so that functional components of the solution are available to the business in a timely manner.

    If the solution being implemented is to enhance or replace an existing solution, PARC will:

    • Provide guidance during the transition period
    • Help migrate information between the legacy and the new system
    • Conduct training that enables your users and stakeholders to effectively work with the new system
    • Develop our clients’ ability to embrace the change that accompanies the adoption of a new system
  • Release
  • The PARC team works with our client to specify which requirements will be included in specific releases. We will identify the capabilities of the new solution that will deliver the greatest business value so they can be prioritized We will provide guidance as to all the factors in release management, including:

    • Project budget
    • Date-driven needs
    • Resource constraints
    • Training schedules
    • Organizational change readiness

    We aim to ensure that your organization and its stakeholders understand the goals for each release in the schedule.

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